Jeff’s workshops are legendary–he can seriously accelerate your transformation!
— Patrick Debois, founder of the DevOps movement
Such a valuable session with Jeff Sussna today. We had Support, Dev, Infra, UX, Product, Training attend. Recommend!
— Richard Seroter, VP of Product, CenturyLink
Having just read Jeff’s book, I jumped at the chance to attend his workshop, and I wasn’t disappointed...I left the course with my mind slightly blown (in a good way).
— Daniel Bryant, Chief Scientist, OpenCredo

Becoming Digital ™: Serving Customers By Serving Each Other

Becoming digital means more than just learning how to design digital products. Customer experience quality relies on mutual service between all the parts of an organization. True digital transformation involves weaving agility, empathy, and continuous learning into the entire fabric of your business.  

This workshop teaches you how to create service-centered teams that continuously align themselves with each other and your customers. It introduces a unified approach that integrates Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking principles at all levels of your organization. This approach expands your focus from producing things to helping internal and external users accomplish their goals. It remakes linear operating models into responsive feedback systems, and maximizes scalability and resilience without sacrificing agility or customer value. 

Through talks, discussions, and hands-on exercises, you learn:

  • strategies for responding to the new rules that drive the digital economy
  • creative techniques for overcoming obstacles to empathy, collaboration, and change
  • shared language that bridges design and operations perspectives
  • a comprehensive methodology for delivering continuous service across teams and disciplines

Who should attend:

The workshop provides a powerful opportunity for teams across the product, design, and IT spectrum to learn from each other while applying practical techniques to real-world business, cultural, and technical challenges.