Jeff’s workshops are legendary–he can seriously accelerate your transformation!
— Patrick Debois, founder of the DevOps movement
Such a valuable session with Jeff Sussna today. We had Support, Dev, Infra, UX, Product, Training attend. Recommend!
— Richard Seroter, VP of Product, CenturyLink
Having just read Jeff’s book, I jumped at the chance to attend his workshop, and I wasn’t disappointed...I left the course with my mind slightly blown (in a good way).
— Daniel Bryant, Chief Scientist, OpenCredo

Designing Delivery ™: A Unified Approach to Digital Service Quality

Businesses of all kinds are under increasing pressure to deliver more innovation every day. The same forces that push us to move ever faster, though, also drive customers’ needs for coherent, satisfying service experiences. How can we balance these competing needs and avoid falling into either chaos or brittleness? LeanUX, Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking can all help us continuously create superior customer experiences, but only if we understand how to integrate them effectively. 

This workshop teaches IT departments and digital businesses how to create teams and organizations that deliver on the promise of continuous value. It shows you how to expand your focus from producing things to helping customers achieve their goals, and how to remake linear operating models into responsive feedback systems. You learn practical methods for integrating the insights of DevOps and Design Thinking at every level of your organization, and get hands-on experience using these methods to increase quality and customer satisfaction without sacrificing speed or nimbleness.

Through talks, discussions, and guided exercises, participants learn how to:

  • design systems and services that fully address internal and external users' needs

  • maximize alignment across teams and disciplines

  • achieve resilience and quality in the face of complexity and uncertainty

Who should attend:
Product, design, and IT leaders and influencers who need to deliver continuous value in complex, uncertain, and disruptive business environments.

Contact us to schedule a Designing Delivery ™ workshop for your organization.