Ingineering.IT guides IT departments and digital businesses in transforming themselves into agile, user-centered organizations. We teach clients how to maximize speed, responsiveness, and customer value at every level of the business. In order to ensure sustainable transformations, we help our clients chart a course for effective change over time and across disciplines. Our Practical DevOps™ and Continuous Product Delivery™ assessment and coaching services cover the full service lifecycle.

Practical DevOps™

We help IT organizations translate DevOps ideas like culture, respect, and collaboration into actionable practices. We guide you in implementing concrete, achievable continuous improvement programs and iteratively scaling them across your organization. By measuring and managing outcomes such as agility, leanness, and resilience, you can ensure that your DevOps initiatives contribute to meaningful business transformation.

Continuous Product Delivery™

We help digital product teams achieve the agile vision of "continuously delivering valuable software". We show you how to simultaneously improve speed, quality, and user-centeredness by deeply integrating Product, QA, and Support into the agile process. 

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