We teach enterprises and software service companies how to align the parts of your organization with each other and with your customers. We guide product, design, and IT leaders in creating service-centered teams that maximize responsiveness, shared purpose, and value. We show you how to leverage the power of new organizational models such as DevOps, DesignOps, and Agile Product Delivery.

We offer a complete portfolio of services to help you chart your digital transformation course:

  •  Assessments identify concrete, achievable continuous improvement programs
  •  Coaching guides you in integrating new tools and practices across teams and disciplines
  •  Workshops give you hands-on practice creating organizational alignment
  •  Expert speakers expose team members and leaders to new ideas, perspectives, and techniques

We practice user-centered consulting. Instead of imposing cookie-cutter solutions, we start by listening to your specific goals, constraints, and challenges. We use deep participation in your daily operations to provide trustworthy, informed, and meaningful guidance. We focus on going beyond just implementing tactical changes to help you generate strategic momentum.

We bring extensive real-world experience with Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking to every project. We teach you how to integrate these methods at all levels of your organization. We give your teams the combination of understanding and practical skills they need to achieve effective, sustainable change.